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Discover the inspiration and driving force behind our website, as we share our journey to create a go-to destination for women seeking to explore health, beauty, personal growth, and spirituality through the transformative power of literature.

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Read tips on sleep, work-life balance, & mindfulness, all inspired by our book selections.



Explore faith, spiritual growth, and overall wellness through inspiring books.

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We know you’re keen to discover our pick for the book club reading. But we ask for a smidge more patience! Our team is currently exploring the vast expanse of the literary world to select a book that will ignite lively discussions, broaden our horizons, and captivate us from cover to cover.

At our book club, we always strive to pick books that matter—books that challenge us, make us think, and take us on journeys to places we’ve never been. Rest assured, we’re working hard to ensure that our pick lives up to those standards.

Women's Health and Wellness

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High 5 Habit By Mel Robbins

Our current personal development book selection is High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins, a self-improvement book that aims to help anyone who deals with self-limitations take charge of their life by establishing a morning routine, ditching negative talk, and transforming their life through positivity and confidence. This book is a great example of the type of books we love to read and discuss in our book club. Join us and discover why this book has captured our attention and inspired us to take action towards our personal growth and self-improvement.